4400Watts Powered Amplifier

TE-4400 Power Amplifier 


  • 4400-watt power 
  • 4 channel mixer 
  • 4 microphone input
  • 4 AUX input 
  • Tape\CD input and output 
  • Monitor out 
  • Dual digital effect 200+200 program 
  • Indicator Level Meter 
  • 4 separate amplifier channels  (1100+1100+1100+1100 watt) 
  • Connector, cable and speaker tester circuit
  • Overload protection circuit with led indicator and buzzer 
  • MP3 player, FM, radio and recorder 
  • Capable of recording on USB and memory
  • Capable of playing recorded and saved sound files 
  • Cooling system with electronic fan 
  • Specific terminals with volume control for external connections through EFX
  • Fine wood and steel case 
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