440Watts Public address system

TE-440 Public address system


  • Public address system
  • 440-watt power 
  • One amplifier channel (One Master) 
  • Digital echo effect
  • Capable of playing saved sound
  • Radio FM and remote control
  • Bluetooth
  • Automatic MP3 Mute
  • Capable of using output impedance 4-16 ohms and 70-100 volts at the same time 
  • Includes Ring, Alarm and Ding Dong sound
  • Powerful amplifier with Japanese Toshiba transistor
  • Includes Circuit protection
  • Cooling system with electronic fan
  • With standard dimensions for standard Rack mount (19 inch)  
  • Individual recording input and output, RCA jack
  • Plated Steel case, finishing paint with powder coating 
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