1200Watts Public address system

TE-1200 Public address system










  • 6 smart channel zones with 3 saving memories for configuration
  • With indicator for Individual zone and collective zones output load 
  • Smart speaker recognition system 
  • Automatic output power distribution system for zones 
  • Smart automatic rejection of defective zones system
  • Output power monitoring and control system   
  • Speaker output without zone control  
  • 4 channel mixers 
  • Digital Echo  
  • Compatible with Input and output parallel addition of systems 
  • Automatic fan system  
  • With Built in speaker  
  • Includes Ring, Alarm and Ding Dong sound  
  • Automatic muting through mixer channel 1 for mp3 sound  
  • 1200 watts of power  
  • MP3 audio play and recording with Bluetooth and radio  
  • Output short circuit, overloading and DC protection
  • With standard dimensions for standard Rack mount (19 inch)  
  • Plated Steel case, finishing painted powder coating 


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