6000Watts Powered Amplifier

TE-6000 Power Amplifier 


• 4 separate amplifier channels, each with 1500 watts 

• Power indicator at each channel output in watts

• Dual digital effect 200+200 program 

• Mono and stereo configuration selection at each output channel 

• Speaker and horn recognition  

• Automatic Cable and Speaker tester circuit at each channel

• 3 band Equalizer for each channel  

• Professional 5 channel mixer with:

  • 3 band Equalizers 
  • 80 Hertz filter  
  • Peak limiter  

• Diverse inputs and outputs

• MP3 audio play and recording with Bluetooth and FM radio 

• Input indicator level meters (stereo) 

• Input Voltage indicator  

• Amplifier interior temperature indicator

• Fine wood and steel case

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