About Us

Thunder Electronic has been a producer of high-end professional audio systems for more than 30 years. The first Thunder products entered the market in the early 80s. Initially, in addition to designing and manufacturing several types of professional Audio Amplifiers, other projects such as: designing and manufacturing of training and professional kits, control and automation systems, security systems and CCTV, paging systems and many other various projects in the field of electronics and telecommunications were carried out for numerous organizations and facilities. The company’s headquarters is located in Iran Shiraz and has offices and manufacturing plants in china and Hong Kong as well.

From the very beginning, the use of the highest quality electronic components and materials in the production of products and providing reliable services to customers, was the main purpose and focus of Thunder's efforts.

On this basis, Thunder products soon opened their place in the market, and in the first decade of activity, the variety of Thunder products increased significantly and the name of Thunder Shiraz spread to all parts of the country.

In the late 80s, with the increase in variety of products and expansion of the company and number of employees, the company faced a new challenge. The demand for Thunder’s Audio systems was much greater than the supply capabilities hence this prompted Thunder Shiraz executives to focus their production program solely on professional audio systems, including amplifiers, paging systems and conference microphone systems.

A collection of experts and specialists and incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and talented staff led to the creation of new capabilities and facilities in the company. Over the past 30 years Thunder audio systems have been constantly redesigned and improved in innovative ways to guarantee customer satisfaction and delivery of high-quality audio systems. Among the new innovations in audio systems, Thunder introduced their first wireless audio system in 1996. This was among the most popular products of the company and most of the cities in Iran are equipped with Thunder’s wireless audio system by now.

In 2019, Thunder Electronic registered a new brand named “TYPHOON” for targeting a new sector of the market. TYPHOON products are aimed to be used more professionally in the audio industry. Now having products under the name of THUNDER and TYPHOON, makes the company more valuable and efficient at manufacturing audio systems for a larger market cap.

Thunder Electronic is working very hard to stay innovative in the audio system industry, delivery excellent products and customer service. We would love to have our customers feedback and comments so please feel free to find us on our social media platforms and connect with us.

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